PFF Series

The PFF series of fine products are suitable for applications in numerous industries, such as texturing coatings, soaps, filter aids, pre-coat, fillers, cryogenics insulation, shapes, composites, plastics, explosives, nuclear waste containment, pharmacological, food and others. Penn Perlite brand is suitable for concrete and plaster aggregate, oil and water absorption, environmental remediation, and other unique applications.

A20 Horticultural Grade

Our Perlite product is excellent for horticultural uses in container growing media, and Hydroponics. This specially manufactured grade is the preferred choice for plug trays and seecding flats.

Our facilities have the capability of custom making different grades of Perlite suitable for your needs.

A20 Refractory Grade

Our Perlite product is good for covering and maintaining temperature of casting molds, refractory bricks, and refractory compounds.

Regular Luna Rock

Our Perlite product enhances your soil mixes providing aeration, excellent moisture retention allowing plants to grow and develop healthy rooting systems.

Screened Luna Rock

Our Perlite product is a clean material that is used in the horticultural market for specialty growing media.


Available in the following sizes:
2 cu ft / 4 cu ft / 6 cu ft - Bags
55 cu ft - Jumbo Sacks
Bulk Tank Delivery