Perlite is used in it's Crude Form for Sand Blasting, Foundry and
Steel Industries, Slag Coagulant, Special Casting and Mixtures, as well as a Silica Source.

Perlite is used in it's Expanded Form in the following Industries.

Filtration(filter pre-coat on pressure & rotary vacuum filters)

Slow - Beer, wine, hydro-generated vegetable oils

Medium - Citric acid, sugar, oils

Fast - Pharmaceuticals, fruit juices, glucose, chemicals, wort, swimming pool water

Medium Density Aggregate

Silica, pumice, vermiculite substitute in lightweight aggregate concrete

Aeration Moisture Control

Horticulture, plant rooting, seed composts, growing medium soil, conditioner, packing for shipping nursery stock, hydroponics, flower support

Water and Oil Absoprtion

Oil absorption for pollution control in refineries, factories and garages


Plasters, mortars, plaster boards, ceiling tiles, and upper wall insulations

Baghouse Trapcoat

Baghouse fabric, bag surface protective system for air pollution control


Soaps, cleaners, polishes, wheels, disks and rubs


Plastics, texturing aggregate in paints, caulking compositions, explosives

Oil Well Treatments

Oil well cementing and low density mud to prevent lost circulation of drilling fluids

Lightweight Aggregate Construction

Bricks & tiles, pottery & lightweight refractories, calcium silicate products; non-load bearing fill in bridges, tunnels, floors, masonry, roofs, pipes, etc.; tilt-up panels


Poultry litter, animal feed


Animal stuffing


Spilless media for indoor and outdoor planting


Available in different grades for a wide variety of horticultural uses. Also availble in Orchid Grade

Perlite is used in it's Expanded Form as Insulation in the following Industries.


Methane, liquid oxygen, nitrogen and other gases in containers, both for transport and in stationary plants. Installation and Resource and Recovery services.

Insulation at Ambient & Low Temperatures (Fire & Thermal Insulation)

Roof decking, concrete floor fill, blocks, chimney lining, bitumized perlite, perlite asphalt. Core filler in wallboards, cavity wall insulations, doors. Refrigeration plants, portable ice boxes, containers

Medium to High Temperature Insulation

Boiler covering in quilted mattresses and in hardsetting compositions

Pipe coverings in coaxial tubes and in compression molded pipe half sections

High Temperature Insulation

Fire insulation in safes, rooms, etc., foundry cores, foundry molds to reduce shrinkage

Holding heat in molten metal during delay in pouring Exothermic topping